At Mom’s Garden, we grow our brands by offering innovative, unique & relevant products to help improve our consumers’ health and wellness.


A good night’s sleep is vital to our physical health and emotional wellbeing. isleep® products helps our consumers get the sleep they need, so that they can live life to the fullest.

We’re very excited to launch these Melatonin gummies, using a revolutionary gummy technology, for those experiencing occasional sleeplessness.
Leigh Danielsen, Director of Innovation and Sourcing, USA & Europe, Mom’s Garden


Vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 are important for healthy growth and development in children. Inne® works with pediatricians to develop effective and innovative products. This makes it easier for you to ensure a healthy start for your children.

Thanks to Inne Infant Probiotic, my son has not experienced constipation for more than 10 days. This is the third time I have bought the product.
Mother P***love


Many commercial pet foods lack the essential nutrients for proper pet health. A BIG HUG® collaborates with veterinarians to develop high-quality, effective products to help keep your pet healthy and thriving.

A really trustworthy choice, this pet probiotic from A Big Hug has been clinically tested for more than 60 years, I sincerely recommend it. 
Mr. Yang, Renowned pet expert, experienced in choosing pet food and supplements

Princess Luna

Vaginal health is an important aspect in maintaining a woman’s overall health. Princess Luna® helps our consumers maintain proper vaginal health which contributes to overall wellness and confidence.

Princess Luna offers in capsules of late-release form that are easy to swallow. Take one daily can help control bacterial vaginosis.
Dr. Stacy Bell, registered dietitian nutritionist for more than 40 years in United states.

Mom’s Garden

Prenatal care is an important part of a pregnancy and helps keep you and your baby healthy. Mom’s Garden® helps guarantee a healthy pregnancy and successful breast-feeding, so your baby gets the best possible start to a healthy life.

I’m due in October and the constipation is very uncomfortable. This Mom’s Garden product really works, just 80 ml of this liquid fiber every morning with a glass of water, and I feel much better.