Research shows that consumers equate taste with quality. If a product tastes good, it is perceived as good quality. Consuming a Mom’s Garden product should always be a pleasant experience. To achieve this, we have established an in-house taste panel that develops and quality checks all products to guarantee that our products taste great.
Our taste panel members are highly-trained so that they can identify the 5 tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami, which are key in developing great flavors and ensuring the quality of our products. Deciding flavors is an important part of product development. Generally, the samples are made into 10-15 different flavors and the taste panel then single-blind tests the samples and determines the best flavor.
“Apart from the product development, the taste panel also monitors the taste and quality of the products during shelf life,” says Josh Fu, Manager of Product Innovation Center, Mom’s Garden. “The members in the taste panel test each product every 3 months to monitor even the slightest change in the flavor. This is how we can guarantee the taste and quality of our products through-out the life of the product.”