Mom’s Garden creates products with the consumer in mind. Three core focus areas allow us to center our products around our customers:

Relevance and Uniqueness for our Consumers

Excellent Taste

High Efficacy

Research & Development

Through scientific research, we are determined to expand our understanding of health and explore new ways to advance consumer wellness through our products.

To develop effective, high quality, and enjoyable products, Mom’s Garden combines cutting-edge technology with creative ideas. Our Product Innovation Center (PIC) focuses on the latest and most promising ingredients and formulations worldwide.

Quality testing

At Mom’s Garden we are acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with creating products that our consumers ingest. As a customer, you place your trust and your health in our hands, and we take both very seriously. To ensure the quality and safety of our supplements, we have all of our products tested by leading third-party testing institutions such as SGS, Eurofins, and MERIEUX.

Quality testing  

Additionally, we always adhere to the following procedures to ensure that product quality is considered from every angle:

• We conduct retention sampling of all our product batches in a sample warehouse
• We establish enterprise and product quality standards and perform risk ratings to prevent the occurrence of quality issues
• We work closely with suppliers and collaborate to provide the best possible product quality
• We listen and respond to customer feedback regarding product quality and satisfaction

Taste Panel

Research shows that consumers equate taste with quality. If a product tastes good, it is perceived as good quality. Consuming a Mom’s Garden product should always be a pleasant experience. To achieve this, we have an in-house taste panel that develops and quality checks all products to guarantee that our products taste great.

Efficacy Testing

Efficacy testing is our way of enhancing trust with our customers. Before launching products, we select a group of consumers, provide them with samples to try, and record their feedback on the effectiveness of the product.

The product passes the efficacy testing process only when the effectiveness of a product reaches the desired level. This is how we guarantee consistently developing products that meet our consumers high expectations.